March 27, 2013


Sometimes on the way to following a lifelong dream, something happens that changes the way a person sees their own life in relation to the world around them.  These people took a detour from the entertainment road to the path of enlightenment as they reach out to make a positive difference.

When:                   March 27th, 2013

Where:                  Parks Canada Discovery Centre - 57 Discovery Drive, Hamilton, ON         

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  1. Eric Walters
    Author, lecturer, Eric Walters enjoys continued success in his young adult fiction novels, but his life changed while researching a novel, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, he discovered some unsettling facts about a town in Kenya. This detour led him to change that world for the better. He founded and runs "Creation of Hope". Presently over 400 orphans are being provided with a services which include food, school fees, uniforms, tools, beds, livestock and the construction of two children’s residences in the town of Kikima.

  2. Rick Green
    Former member of the popular Canadian comedy troupe, "The Frantics" and cro-creator of the "Red Green show", one of the top Canadian comedies of all time, Rick Green is celebrated as one of the biggest names in Canadian entertainment. When he was diagnosed with ADD after one of his children was found to have it, his work took a new turn. Writing and directing an award winning documentary called "ADD and loving it?" he became a major advocate for ADHD. He's currently writing a book with Dr. Umesh Jain called "ADD stole my Car Keys".

  3. Sapphire Singh
    Sapphire Singh is a self-taught fashion artist with an Honors BA in Art History from McMaster University. Since high school she has been involved with the local environmental community combining her passions - the earth and the arts - to produce creative opportunities for learning and engagement. As co-founder of Revolution Wear and City of Hamilton Farmers’ Market Presentation Coordinator, Singh uses common everyday activities like our basic need for food and clothing to interrogate norms, pose questions, and construct alternatives. She facilitates fashion events, workshops, presentations and other interactive DIY programs on everything from clothing reconstruction and stencil art, to organic gardening and other practical homestead skills.

  4. Blythe McKay
    The day that Blythe failed physics, her life-long dream of become a veterinarian was crushed. Initially devastated, she enrolled in a new program at UBC which combined agriculture with culture. This took her to Sweden for a year long exchange where she first learned about Farm Radio. Her passion for this lead her on MSc work doing field research in Ghana. Today she has found her dream job at Farm Radio international, linking her experiences in Ghana - as farmers are entertained and informed at the same time through the medium of radio and the language of entertainment.

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These accomplished people have experienced events that brought detours in the paths of their lives, leading them to combine entertainment with making the world a better place. Where your passion inspires your work and your work inspires your passion, and your role in the world expands to new heights.

Thursday November 20th, 2014

Mohawk College Broadcast Television Studio - F108

135 Fennell Avenue West, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Theme: “The Grassroots Future”


Ever wonder what our future might look like? While many may fall back on the dystopian visions often seen in Hollywood movies, in this event we will hear from experts in our own community. What will it look like for you?  Welcome to the grassroots future.

IN ADDITION TO THESE DISTINGUISHED SPEAKERS the following three TED videos support our theme:

Jackson Brown: A Song Inspired by the Ocean

Pete Alcorn: The World in 2200

Haas and Hahn: How Painting Can Change the Community