Clients & Co Productions

Feature Film Development

Twinergy (Turner Features Asia) - Screenplay

Gaturro (Illusion Films/Toonz/Anima) - Script polish / Voice Direction / Music

Changing Stripes (Chesler Perlmutter)

Santa Claus (G7 Entertainment)

Consultation & Service Clients

Marvel Studios

Cookie Jar Entertainment

NIC Entertainment

ABCL (Bollywood)

Animax Entertainment

Morgan Spurlock Documentary

Animal Planet U.S.A. (2006)

National Football League


Nerdcorps Ltd

Percept Pictures Mumbai

Cartoon Network Asia

Cartoon Network Europe

Toonz Animation India Pvt. Ltd.

Ambersand Media

Disney Television Asia

Soma Management

First TV

Fall-Back-Plan Entertainment (Animated sequences)

Television Series in Development

El Tabador (Corus/Teletoon)

The Room (pilot, Bell Media)

The Defenders (Marvel Animation)

Bem & Buzzy (Animax Entertainment)

Henchmen (Fox Digital)

Series in Production

1001 Nights (Big Bad Boo)

The Unconventionals (Neo Network)